Why Laura

Why Laura

Interest rates have been low for the last few years…the headlines are still talking stock market volatility… the economy is improving (s-l-o-w-l-y)…a proposal is due at work, your house is a mess and retirement is looming.

 There never seems to be enough time to focus on your finances

… and maybe you don’t really want to anyway. If this sounds like your life,

Laura Chanin, Vancouver Certified Financial Planner is here to help.

Laura can take you from where you are now to where you want to go – with practical, flexible strategies that get maximum benefit from your hard earned dollars and personalized financial plans that cover all the bases:  

  • Protecting your family financially in all situations.
  • Maximizing your RRSPs, savings and investments.
  • Saving more money, whatever your income.
  • Making the most of your tax situation .
  • and allowing you to PROSPER: particularly now, with stock markets volatile and interest rates low.

 Laura is a great listener. She knows what it means to be a busy, successful woman: constantly juggling career, family, friends, fitness and fun.  She knows it’s important to have a financial plan that fits comfortably with your personality and life style.  

For Laura it’s a relationship – not just a job.   Helping you envision the future, creating a plan, keeping you informed through all stages of implementation, adapting and rearranging as necessary and celebrating your successes… These are things that make Laura’s day.

Laura really knows taxes:  She started in the industry as a part-time tax preparer and progressed to teaching tax return preparation courses. 

 Laura creates wealth and security for you and your family by staying tuned to the ever-changing world of financial markets, economics, financial products and tax law.  By combining up- to- date research with market knowledge and sound investment principles, she can position your resources for maximum results. You can stop worrying and focus on what’s important – with a solid personalized, financial plan and a planner you can trust.

Laura will do it all for you (except the house cleaning!)

Interested in a complimentary consultation?  Call or email Laura today.

Vancouver 604 669 1143 or laura.chanin@holliswealth.com”>mailto:laura.chanin@holliswealth.com”>laura.chanin@holliswealth.com