Leading Ladies September

Leading Ladies September

We had another successful and inspiring Leading Ladies event this past week. The room was full with women committed to learning the basics of financial planning: tracking expenses and calculating the net worth! We recapped the first session, went over our why, which most definitely is never what we first assume. And we took a long self-reflective look at our tendencies by slotting ourselves into the eight financial archetypes as defined by Brent Kessel in It’s Not About the Money.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • The Innocent: Overwhelmed by money and often feelings of helplessness, Innocents possess the great gifts of hope and adaptability.
  • The Pleasure Seeker: Impulsive and sometimes greedy, Pleasure Seekers definitely show us how to find the fun and pleasure in life.
  • The Idealist: Distrustful of money and often angry at “The Man,” Idealists bring compassion and vision to the world.
  • The Saver: Your typical penny-pinching, cheap Scrooge, Savers possess the talents of self-sufficiency and enjoy abundance of money.
  • The Star: Self-important and willing to spend any amount to make themselves look great, Stars are also great leaders with a classy sense of style.
  • The Caretaker:Overburdened with feelings of martyrdom and superiority due to taking care of everyone but themselves, Caretakers are wonderful examples of generosity and empathy.
  • The Guardian: Hyper-vigilant and worried about it all falling apart, Guardians are blessed with the gifts of prudence and financial awareness.
  • The Empire Builder Driven to rule the world and often lonely, Empire Builders demonstrate the traits of decisiveness and innovation.


So which are you? Please let me know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: flickr.com/teegardin

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