Laura’s Fall Update

Laura’s Fall Update

There are many reasons that I enjoy working in financial services.  One of them is that I’m always learning new things, so it is never dull.  In fact over the past two months I’ve learned more about:

  • 401(K) 2012 Health InsuranceThe best insurance options for a commercial airline pilot
  • How to manage non registered investments for American citizens in BC, keeping the IRS happy and the client’s accounting fees to a reasonable amount
  • How insurance companies treat clients with a significant weight loss
  • Tax considerations for divorcing clients
  • How insurance companies view diabetes
  • Etc.

I will be away from Sept 24th to the 30th.  My sister and I are taking my mom on a 3 day cruise to San Francisco and then 3 days there to celebrate her 80th birthday.  We are planning to do lots of shopping, eating and site seeing.  My daughters are sad to be left behind!  But fortunately they are back at school so that will keep them busy.

All the best for your fall.

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