How Do I Prepare for Separation?

Lately, I’ve met a lot of people, women in particular who are separating from their spouse.  It may be a bit depressing but since 40% of first marriages (and much higher for 2nd marriages) end up this way, it is a reality.  My friends that have divorced found it difficult, but in the end they are happy.

I recently attended a divorce and taxes workshop to sharpen my skills in this area.  Although no one plans for their marriage to end, a bit of planning in advance of separating will help down the road. [click to continue…]

Surprising Facts about Bachelor’s Degree Wages in BC: What can be done?

Did you miss Laura’s interview published in 24 Hours Vancouver? Titled, “Bachelor’s degree wages in B.C. haven’t increased in 12 years”, Michael Mui poses some startling facts regarding wage increases, or lack-there-of, and the cost of living in Vancouver. [click to continue…]

Yes Virginia, you do have to save.

Do I really have to save for the future?

“… it’s so much more fun to spend my money on clothes, eating out and vacations,”  or “I can’t save because I need money for mortgage, food,  gas, clothes and  kid’s activities… there’s nothing left at the end of my  month.”

If your ‘reason’ for not saving falls into one of these categories, the answer is: no you don’t have to save …AS LONG AS: [click to continue…]