Stock Market Update September 2015

In the investment world, we’ve had lots of interesting times in the past 2 weeks. Volatility (the ups and downs in the stock market) has increased dramatically and we’ve had several one days loses of 1 to 4%, followed by increases of up to 4%. Overall August was the worst month in 3 years for the US stock markets, and the first 2 days of September have continued the volatility. When a stock market falls 10% or more it is called a correction.

So what really happened?…..

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What’s the Price of Advice?

The Canadian government has made sweeping changes in the securities industry to provide greater transparency and disclosure to Canadian investors. [click to continue…]

Robo Advisors – Is your future financial advisor a robot?

There is a lot of discussion in my industry about robo advisors, and recently the CBC ran an article on their website titled “Robo-advisors could pick your investments: Online advice by computerized program seen as accessible for new generation of investors”, which inspired this response. [click to continue…]

What To Do with My Severance?

Several of my clients work at the federal government which is offering a one time lump sum offer to replace the retiring lump sum when they retire. The money can roll into an RRSP (if you have the contribution room) and therefore avoid taxes until the money is withdrawn in the future. [click to continue…]