Laura’s Fall Update

There are many reasons that I enjoy working in financial services.  One of them is that I’m always learning new things, so it is never dull.  In fact over the past two months I’ve learned more about: [click to continue…]

Loyalty: Does it Always Make Sense?

In general I think loyalty is a great quality. I consider myself a loyal person and I value when others are loyal to me. I hope that I am also teaching my daughters about loyalty.

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My adult child needs money.  Should I help?

There is no clear cut answer

If you don’t have much money yourself, my answer would be no.  As a general rule, you shouldn’t sacrifice your financial security to meet your adult child’s needs, unless you are sure you will have the time, resources, and health to make up the deficit and provide for your own retirement.

I met a woman with limited resources once, who took on a big mortgage [click to continue…]