Stock Market Update September 2015

In the investment world, we’ve had lots of interesting times in the past 2 weeks. Volatility (the ups and downs in the stock market) has increased dramatically and we’ve had several one days loses of 1 to 4%, followed by increases of up to 4%. Overall August was the worst month in 3 years for the US stock markets, and the first 2 days of September have continued the volatility. When a stock market falls 10% or more it is called a correction.

So what really happened?…..

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What’s the Price of Advice?

The Canadian government has made sweeping changes in the securities industry to provide greater transparency and disclosure to Canadian investors. [click to continue…]

How Do I Prepare for Separation?

Lately, I’ve met a lot of people, women in particular who are separating from their spouse.  It may be a bit depressing but since 40% of first marriages (and much higher for 2nd marriages) end up this way, it is a reality.  My friends that have divorced found it difficult, but in the end they are happy.

I recently attended a divorce and taxes workshop to sharpen my skills in this area.  Although no one plans for their marriage to end, a bit of planning in advance of separating will help down the road. [click to continue…]

Leading Ladies September

We had another successful and inspiring Leading Ladies event this past week. The room was full with women committed to learning the basics of financial planning: tracking expenses and calculating the net worth! We recapped the first session, went over our why, which most definitely is never what we first assume. And we took a long self-reflective look at our tendencies by slotting ourselves into the eight financial archetypes as defined by Brent Kessel in It’s Not About the Money. [click to continue…]

Laura’s Fall Update

There are many reasons that I enjoy working in financial services.  One of them is that I’m always learning new things, so it is never dull.  In fact over the past two months I’ve learned more about: [click to continue…]

Mortgage Insurance at the bank….not a good deal

When you are finishing getting a mortgage or renewing it, the banker will offer you insurance on the mortgage which will pay off the balance should you die with a balance still in place, or will cover up to two years of mortgage payments should you be off work that long due to injury or illness. On the surface, this seems like it might be good coverage, however, there are some significant disadvantages. [click to continue…]

Surprising Facts about Bachelor’s Degree Wages in BC: What can be done?

Did you miss Laura’s interview published in 24 Hours Vancouver? Titled, “Bachelor’s degree wages in B.C. haven’t increased in 12 years”, Michael Mui poses some startling facts regarding wage increases, or lack-there-of, and the cost of living in Vancouver. [click to continue…]

Life Insurance for Tax and Estate Planning

A few months ago I was in Palm Springs for a reward trip/insurance conference. It was a lot of fun – some friends and I toured the San Andreas fault! [click to continue…]

Leading Ladies Launch

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the Leading Ladies of Vancouver launch a couple of weeks ago. It was a great success! We were pleased to draw such a diverse group of women and it was wonderful to hear your stories!
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Robo Advisors – Is your future financial advisor a robot?

There is a lot of discussion in my industry about robo advisors, and recently the CBC ran an article on their website titled “Robo-advisors could pick your investments: Online advice by computerized program seen as accessible for new generation of investors”, which inspired this response. [click to continue…]